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Fri. Show Prep – Attachment Parenting Edition

Time Magazine is out with a new issue featuring a cover shot of an attractive young mother breast feeding her three-year-old child. The woman is an advocate for what is called “attachment parenting.”Isn’t breast feeding at 36 months a little much? If you can carry on a conversation with the kid, isn’t it time to bottle feed?

Mesa Preparatory Academy in Arizona’s baseball team has a force in their lineup so intimidating that a team decided to forfeit the game as soon as they saw the lineup. Our Lady of Sorrows decided to forfeit their game because Mesa has a girl playing second base. The school said that they had no choice but to forfeit because it has a strict policy prohibiting participation in co-ed athletics and believes in “forming and educating boys and girls” separately. The league on the other hand supports allowing women to play in all sports. She had sat out their previous games against Our Lady of Sorrows, but won’t this time with the championship on the line. Should the Catholic school “man” up and take the field?

The Washington Post did some digging into Mitt Romney’s past and found out that when he was at his stuffy private high school he was quite the prankster. Among the pranks was pinning down a fellow student who was presumed to be gay and chopping his hair off. So if you were voting on what Mitt Romney did 40 or so years ago, now you know. Romney told Fox News Radio that he doesn’t remember  the prank, but apologized anyway. Also, just in case you were wondering, in one of his memoirs Barack Obama admits to pushing a girl on the playground. Plus, he also pantsed America’s credit rating.

Robin Roberts says that she is starting to get chills interviewing President Obama again. It’s nice to see the objective, tenacious, bulldog reporter mentality is still alive and well.

A Florida teacher decided that it was a good idea to take a page from the move Up and make unruly students wear “cone of shame” pet collars. She’s done it to at least eight students in the past month. Some parents are calling for her to be fired. Over the top or just good old fashioned effective discipline?

Scare in the Air: Couple pulled off of Jet Blue flight at FLL this week because their 18-month old daughter was apparently on the TSA’s “No Fly” List.

A 70 year old woman says that she’s finally ready to lose her virginity. She’s a cabaret singer but she does not believe in sex before marriage. And as she has stayed single there was no question of losing her virginity. Now she says she’s ready to meet a “tall, dark and handsome millionaire.” I’m sure they’ll be lining up.

Most Awesome Story of the Day: Houston Baseball fans tossed from park after dressing like Castro to heckle Ozzie Guillen.

End of the World Update: Archeologists have unearthed what they say is the oldest known version of the Mayan calendar and it doesn’t “end” with the Earth’s destruction later this year.