Keith Conrad

Chicago Radio producer, Cubs fan, space geek, and a lonely beacon of restraint and self-sacrifice in a squall of car-crazies. Opinions expressed are my own.

Tues. Show Prep – Good Samaritan Edition

A married father of three from Barrington has been charged with disorderly conduct after offering two girls a ride home during a snowstorm. He says that he noticed the girls walking with no umbrella and was only trying to help them, not harm them. Does this essentially prove that you shouldn’t get within 100 feet of a child you don’t know because it could be interpreted as something hinky?

Chicago has denied a request to move a protest a day later now that the G-8 summit won’t be here. The group planned to have it situated nicely between the two events, but since the NATO summit is the only one here, they wanted to move it. I’m guessing this won’t sit well with the protesters, and this is the first step to Chicago going all 1968. Do you concur?

Walgreens has yanked some Easter baskets from its shelves after it was noted that the baskets contained toy guns. Some will roll their eyes at guns being targeted, but what were guns doing in Easter baskets to begin with?

A former weatherman with a CBS affiliate is suing the hand that fed him over job discrimination. He says that CBS is only interested in hiring attractive, ‘less experienced’ women. He claims he was passed over for meteorologist jobs at KCBS and KCAL because he was over 40 and a man. Gloria Allred has taken his case, if you could believe it.

Moment of Racial Insensitivity: A teacher in Virginia told a student to read a poem “blacker.” The poem was “Ballad of the Landlord.” It was written in 1940 about a black tenant thrown in jail for challenging a landlord. It was just the most recent incident, among other things the teacher also told him to explain to the class why black people like grape soda.

Future Scare In The Air: The FAA may be looking to reverse ban on electronic devices during flight takeoffs and landings. Who wants to line up to be on the first flight where they let you leave your iPhone on to see what happens?

Remember when Rick Perry was introduced by a Pastor who said that the Mormon religion was a cult? Rick Santorum was introduced by a pastor who said that all non-Christians should get out of the country. In the video, you can clearly see Santorum listening and clapping.

The wife of the alleged Afghanistan murderer blogged about being an Army wife. Nothing in there indicates that her husband could or would snap; it was just about the difficulty of moving around and having your husband, the father of your children, away overseas for long stretches.

The state legislature in Minnesota is voting this week on repeal of a provision in the state constitution that allows lawmakers immunity from drunk driving charges. They were actually exempt to keep opponents from arresting politicians for political revenge.