Keith Conrad

Chicago Radio producer, Cubs fan, space geek, and a lonely beacon of restraint and self-sacrifice in a squall of car-crazies. Opinions expressed are my own.

Thurs. Show Prep – Single Mother College Fund Edition

A plan to tax Illinois strip clubs has won a tentative OK from a state Senate committee. The legislation would impose an admission tax of $5 per person at strip clubs that serve alcohol or let customers bring their own. The tax money would go to sexual assault prevention programs. How can the government single out a specific, perfectly legal good/service for a tax?

I know that losing six of ten Super Tuesday contests was devastating, but it’s finally time to take Rick Santorum seriously as a Presidential candidate. He joins Ron Paul, Herman Cain and even Mitt Romney as candidates with an official campaign theme song. The Harris sisters from Tulsa, Okla. and the other eight members of their family have released a soft-rock ode to Rick Santorum. Did you know that God gave us the Bill of Rights? Question of the day: Who is more skilled at song writing, the Harris sisters or Rebecca Black?

Classic Cinema here in Chicago is banning children under age six into R-rated movies. Not even with their parents. In other news, apparently there were parents who thought it was a good idea to bring their six year old children to R-rated movies.

Rush Limbaugh has support from an unlikely person. Bill Maher says Limbaugh has apologized and liberals just look bad by not accepting it. He also hates the idea of sponsor intimidation.

A school in San Antonio had to apologize after their fans celebrated a win by chanting “USA! USA! USA!” San Antonio school district officials took the chant as a racial insult to a school with all minority players from a school with mostly white ones. Wait, what? I’m actually confused by both sides here. a) Why were they chanting that at a high school basketball game to begin with? b) Why is it racist?

End of the World Update: A Coronal Mass Ejection from that giant solar flare will hit the Earth Thursday morning at 6am CT. It’s supposed to be a glancing blow, but it could potentially interfere with satellites in orbit and power grids around the world.

Speaking of the end of the world, Harold Camping has resurfaced. The doomsday prophet says that his gloom and doom predictions were “sinful”