Keith Conrad

Chicago Radio producer, Cubs fan, space geek, and a lonely beacon of restraint and self-sacrifice in a squall of car-crazies. Opinions expressed are my own.

Tues. Show Prep – Big Brother Edition

New York City is all set to unveil their new “Domain Awareness System.” Does the name alone sound a little Big Brothery? It combines several streams of information to track both criminals and “potential” terrorists, including their network of TV cameras (Almost as extensive as the one in Chicago) and even listening devices. Some NYers say that Read more

Mon. Show Prep – Know Your Audience Edition

NBC was taking some heat for choosing to run a recorded interview with Michael Phelps instead of the part of the opening ceremonies that paid tribute to the victims of the terror attack in 2005 the day after they got the Olympics. So naturally they had to make a statement explaining why they would do Read more

The Keith & Katie Show – 7/28/12 – Deep Fried Hate

Katie and I act like people care about our opinions on Chick-fil-a’s deep fried hate speech, the triumphant return of Antoine Dodson, the world’s worst reporter reporting on the world’s youngest tattoo enthusiast, Mitt Romney’s loss of the crucial London vote and Penn State fans in need of some perspective. Remember, you can catch the Read more

Fri. Show Prep – Executive Privilege Edition

The Mayor of Logansport, IN was a little upset about getting a $20 parking ticket. He says the ticket was issued by the former police chief, who is upset because was busted down to patrolman when he took office. He says he won’t be intimidating and he did what any public servant would do, he painted Read more

Thurs. Show Prep – Food Fight Edition

Rahm Emanuel has decided to join Ald. Joe Moreno in his crusade against Chick-fil-a. The Rahmfather says that “if you’re gonna be part of the Chicago community, you should reflect Chicago values.” Again I ask you, do you really care about the “values” of a fast food restaurant? I’d say it was dumb for the proprietor Read more

Wed. Show Prep – Ghost Rider Edition

People get into all sorts of arguments at bars…”Who had the most hits in the 1990′s, Rafael Palmiero or Mark Grace?” or maybe “Who was the best British Prime minister, Lord Palmerston or Pitt the Elder?” A Georgia man was arguing with his friends over whether or not he could light his head on fire. He Read more

Tues. Show Prep – Heroes & Criminals Edition

Sally Ride, the first American woman astronaut died Monday at age 61. He had been battling pancreatic cancer for 17 months. In addition to being the first American woman to fly in space, she was also a physicist and helped to develop the Space Shuttle robotic arm. She was one of 8,000 people who responded to Read more

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