Keith Conrad

Chicago Radio producer, Cubs fan, space geek, and a lonely beacon of restraint and self-sacrifice in a squall of car-crazies. Opinions expressed are my own.

Mon. Show Prep – Attitude Adjustment Edition

Father of the year: Dad thought his daughter needed an “attitude adjustment.” His solution, after she got suspended by her high school, was to make her display a sign at the roadside reading, “I have a bad attitude. I disrespect people who try to help me.” Is the father teaching her a lesson that will Read more

The Keith & Katie Show – 4/28/12 – Asteroid Mining

Katie and I spend our precious airtime talking to Phil Plait about mining asteroids, the war on teenagers, Big Brothers efforts to keep an eye on your driving habits and Marco Rubio’s lesson that maybe teleprompters aren’t so bad after all. Remember, you can catch the show live on AM 560 WIND Saturday mornings at Read more

Fri. Show Prep – TSOOTD Edition

(Teen Sports Outrage Of The Day… it’s gonna be a thing): A teen is being kicked off of his field hockey team for being too good. It’s a mixed-gendered league, and he is one of the top scorers in the league. He’s been the only guy on the team for two years but now a local athletic Read more

Thurs. Show Prep – Ill-Advised Fashion Statement Edition

War on the Flag Update… well, not that flag: A girl in Tennessee was denied entry to her High School prom for wearing a “Confederate Flag” dress. The school said the dress was offensive, but she said that student routinely wear confederate flag clothing and she wasn’t making any sort of statement, she just “thought it was cool.” Read more

Planetary Resources – Asteroid Mining Mission

Planetary Resources has created a buzz in tech and space geek circles with their latest video that has gone viral. They very seriously, and humbly, state they are on a mission to begin mining in space for resources, beginning with asteroids close to Earth. Read more on at the USAToday, and WashingtonPost.

Wed. Show Prep – Put Me In, Coach Edition

Once again, the wussification of America continues unabated. A high school baseball coach has been fired after parents say that he embarrassed their child who was playing on the team. Did he go Hulk in a Bobby Knight-like fit of rage during a game? No. The parents said that he embarrassed their by starting a freshman player instead of their Read more

Tues. Show Prep – Organ Donor Edition

A woman in New York is suing her former employer, after she was fired for not coming back quickly enough for surgery to donate a kidney. That’s low. Even lower? She donating the kidney to a man in Missouri so that her boss, who needed a kidney but wasn’t a match, could move up the Read more

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