Keith Conrad

WGN Radio producer, Cubs fan, space geek, and a lonely beacon of restraint and self-sacrifice in a squall of car-crazies. Opinions expressed are my own.

Fri. Show Prep – Stay Of Execution Edition

A healthy German shepherd in Indiana may be euthanized after his owner requested that his ashes be buried with her upon her death. You’d think there are two options here: a) She assumed that the dog would die before her, and would already have been cremated. b) She was tied with Hitler and Captain Kangaroo Read more


Thurs. Show Prep – Cinematic Capitulation Edition

Just in case you were spending the day under a rock on Wednesday, Sony has decided to cancel the planned release of The Interview after North Korean hackers made some sort of threat. So now we are allowing cyberterrorists to make decisions about our entertainment options. The terrorists have won. In something of a moral Read more


Wed. Show Prep – Misplaced Priorities Edition

Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte, who has suffered two concussions this season, says playing in the NFL is worth the possibility of permanent injury or death. Certainly the money can be life-changing. You can write yourself into the history books if you win. Would you trade a few years of life or even just limited Read more


Tues. Show Prep – Fruitless Search Edition

The top Google search term from Chicago in 2014? “Dougie.” Because apparently it’s 2009 again. Rounding out the top five overall search terms were Robin Williams, World Cup, iPhone 6, Ebola and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Nationally the top five terms were Robin Williams, World Cup, Ebola, Malaysia Airlines and “Flappy Bird.” Sadly, “Malaysia Airlines” probably came from Read more


Mon. Show Prep – Your Mistletoe Is Not Match For My Tow Missile Edition

Send in the Drones: TGI Fridays thought it would be great fun to deploy drones with mistletoe to hover over customers. They’ve been flying them in the UK, and one accidentally cut part of a woman’s nose off. Now they tried it in New York and it immediately hit a photographer in the face.


Wed. Show Prep – Public Urination Edition

Dutch government asks people to stop peeing on the royal palace. Rauner declares victory, Quinn won’t concede. The Daley Plaza Christmas Tree Will Be a 57-Foot Spruce from Elgin. Nude women advertising COFFINS upsets the Catholic Church. Berkley passes first soda tax in the country. Man tries to rob bank with cordless drill. Woman in Read more

Tues. Show Prep – Mortal Coil Edition

Smartphone App Predicts When You’re Going to Die​. Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads Worked: Sales Up 25%. Chicago’s first Shake Shack opens today. N.J. man struck, killed by falling tape measure. Cubs World Series odds drop from 50-to-1 to 20-to-1 after Joe Maddon hire. Possible meteor sightings reported in Chicago area. Couple Ties the Knot on Read more

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