Keith Conrad

Chicago Radio producer, Cubs fan, space geek, and a lonely beacon of restraint and self-sacrifice in a squall of car-crazies. Opinions expressed are my own.


Fri. Show Prep – Ease of Access Edition

A company in Great Britain decided it was a good idea to implant their employees with RFID chips so they could open doors just by waving their hands at a scanner. The employees actually went for the idea. Would you be freaked out by the possibility of being chipped by your employer or would you Read more


Thurs. Show Prep – Modern Homesteaders Edition

The city of Detroit wants to demolish some of the abandoned homes, so that the landscape looks a little less like the set of The Walking Dead, but they’ve run into a problem. They are finding that more and more of the abandoned homes have squatters living in them. How about a 21st century homestead Read more


Wed. Show Prep – Home Office Edition

According to new data at FiveThirtyEight shows people who work from home are generally more productive than those in the office. I’ve certainly gotten a lot done in recent weeks while I’ve been home. Of course that’s mostly because I haven’t had that whole “job” thing weighing me down. People who work at home, do Read more


Mon. Show Prep – Watching The Watchers Edition

Sheriffs are campaigning to pressure Google Inc. to turn off a feature on its Waze traffic software that warns drivers when police are nearby. The app provides real-time traffic guidance and warnings about nearby congestion, car accidents, speed traps or traffic cameras, construction zones, potholes, stalled vehicles or unsafe weather conditions.They say the app could put officers’ Read more


Fri. Show Prep – Big Brother Edition

Trust but verify? A new app lets parents track whether or not their kids are showing up in class. Parents, professors and campus administrators can log in and monitor it. The app costs $17.99 a month. Would you pay for something like that? Prudent parenting or violation of privacy? Tom Brady says that he didn’t Read more


Thurs. Show Prep – Topless Thursday Edition

Bad news for pervy Chicagoans: The city is defending their ban on going topless. They filed a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit over the right of women to go topless in Chicago, arguing that nudity is not protected expression under the Constitution and that “female breasts are considered erogenous in a way that male breasts Read more


Wed. Show Prep – Pint-Sized Privacy Violation Edition

Yesterday we had some technical difficulties, but Kevin went out and found some new hamsters so we’re good to go! Also, I’m going to be the one person in your life not talking about the State of the Union speech. You’re welcome. A new law here in Illinois would allow your child’s school to demand Read more

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