Keith Conrad

WGN Radio producer, Cubs fan, space geek, and a lonely beacon of restraint and self-sacrifice in a squall of car-crazies. Opinions expressed are my own.

Tues. Show Prep – Dishonest Sexting Edition

She’s not really naked. According to a new poll 45 percent of women have bent the truth in sexts, compared to 24 percent of men. In other news, they are now doing polls on how honest people are while sexting. Isn’t the digital age wonderful? A sculpture that depicts Jesus as a homeless man is coming to Read more

Mon. Show Prep – Bad Neighbor Edition

An Ohio man was ordered by a judge to carry a sign that reads, “I am a bully.” He’s been harassing his neighbor’s family, which includes adopted siblings with disabilities for 15 years. Court records show there were at least five complaints filed against him. I think thing I’ve ever run into was the occasional neighbor who had Read more

Fri. Show Prep – Buried Secrets Edition

It’s generally agreed that the worst video game of all time was Atari’s E.T. game in 1983. It did so badly that Atari buried all of the extras that didn’t sell in a landfill in New Mexico. Now a group is mounting an expedition to recover the long-lost game cartridges. It’ll happen on April 26th and Read more

Thurs. Show Prep – Rise of the Planet of the Apes Edition

A number of chimpanzees escaped their enclosure at the Kansas City Zoo on Thursday afternoon. Asked for a comment, Caesar reportedly said that he “is home.” A new law regulating ridesharing companies has passed in the Illinois House. Companies would be required to do background checks on drivers, make sure vehicles are inspected and require Read more

Wed. Show Prep – To Thine Own Selfie Be True Edition

Just how pervasive has the “selfie” become in our society? One of the victims of the stabbing attack in Pennsylvania posted a selfie on Instagram from the hospital. Good way of letting people know you’re alright? Or just flat-out creepy? Some people are hopping mad about the new Illinois Lottery smart phone app. Anti-gambling groups Read more

Tues. Show Prep – Tiny Texter Edition

Some students at Barrington Middle School  could face criminal charges for sexting photos of classmates. Four or five students are believed to be involved. Just to be clear, that’s middle school, not high school. Am I the only one who thinks it’s odd that middle schoolers would even have cell phones to sext with to begin Read more

Mon. Show Prep – Rescue Invoice Edition

Should get a bill if the government has to come save you? Several states and now the Coast Guard are debating the idea. This comes after the Coast Guard had to rescue a 1-yr old who was sick on a boat out at sea. It does after all cost a lot of money to send rescuers Read more

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